Prize Races?

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We offer completely separate Prize Runner heats for those that are looking to test their abilities with the opportunity to walk away with cash.

The Longer Longmont offers prize money to the top 15 finishers in both the Men’s and Women’s divisions for a total of 30! We set ourselves apart by rewarding racers that push themselves. By rewarding the top 15 in each division there is a good chance that you will walk away not having paid a dime.

So how are winnings distributed?

Prize Winnings

Winnings are distributed based on the finish.

  • 1st Place - 500$

  • 2nd Place - 300$

  • 3rd Place - 200$

  • 4th through 9th Place - 150$

  • 10th through 15th Place - 75$ (Refunded Entry Fee)


Due to legal restrictions, prize runners cannot run for any colleges and must be out of high school.

Entry includes a race t-shirt and the opportunity to win cash!

  • Adult Prize Runner - 19 or older - 75$

Remember, the top 15 in each division receive 75$ at a minimum so you have a good chance to test yourself for free, plus you get a sweet shirt!