Have Questions?

Here are some of the more common questions that come up.


  • What qualifies late registration?

    • Races will have an increased 10 dollar registration fee for registrations with two weeks of a race for our convenience, so don’t wait! Spread the word and register early!

    • We will have an increased 15 dollar registration fee for registrations on the the day of a race.

    • We do not offer complete packages / race shirts for late or day-of registrations.

  • How do I get my race shirt?

    • If you register for a complete package as a recreational racer or as prize race, you should receive a confirmation email. Upon receiving this email please email us your confirmation number and your shirt size.

    • Email the confirmation number and size to: TheLongerLongmont@gmail.com

    • Race shirts will be delivered with your race packet which will include your race bib and other information.


  • Who is eligible to race in a prize race?

    • Anybody who is out of High School and is not on a college sports program may participate as a prize runner. Under High School and Collegiate Regulations minors and athletes involved with collegiate sports programs are not allowed to compete for compensation.

  • Can I request a refund?

    • Runners may request refund prior to the day of a race. We understand that injuries and other complications can come up. Prior to the day of a race, we will refund your race registration. Refunds will take time to process, so please allow a couple weeks before you can expect to receive your funds back. For recreational racers refunding “complete packages” we will only refund the cost of a standard race package to cover the expense of ordering a race shirt.

  • What happens if I get hurt or do not run well during a prize race?

    • Unfortunately races do not always go as planned. We will not refund entries on the day of the race unless notified the day before. Part of the excitement is the risk, so work hard and enjoy the competition!


  • How old do you have to be to run a rec race?

    • We permit kids as young as age 10 to compete in our recreational races.

  • Are dogs allowed?

    • Dogs are permitted to our recreational races. We do urge caution and make sure that your dog is comfortable with crowds, other dogs and people running, before taking them to a race.